Securing Technology Services at UMC

Policy last updated 2014/01/31

It is important for you to know and follow the process for making sure your technology tools are kept in running order.

The Basics

All UMC technology hardware and software is purchased and installed by our IT staff. As is laid out in our employee handbook, it is against UMC's policy for anyone to download or install software of any kind (even if you think you have a valid software user agreement); or, add, remove, or modify any hardware components from UMC equipment. That includes, but is not limited to: instant messaging services, Internet music services, etc. See your UMC Employee Handbook for additional important rules and guidelines.

Who do I call if I need help with a printer, copy machine, my PC, cell phone, etc?

Please use the following procedure to get support from the IT department. We can help in the following cases:

If you are connected to the corporate network, or at a jobsite, launch a web browser and enter http://kbox as the site address. When the log in page is displayed, log in with your Windows credentials.

Before creating a ticket, click on the Knowledge Base tab and search the articles to see if an article exists that addresses your issue. If the Knowledge Base does not answer your question, click on the Service Desk tab and the New button.

When creating a ticket, be sure to supply all the requested information that we will need to assist you.

Tickets without a full explanation of your request or issue will only delay when we can begin to address the request.

If you are in the field, send us an email to A ticket will automatically be created from your email. Please be as descriptive as possible regarding the issue. The more information we have, the quicker we can provide a resolution to your issue or request.

What do I do if it is an emergency and I cannot work because of a technological issue?

If the situation is an emergency, call the helpdesk phone at 206 368 6214. If the phone rolls to voicemail, please leave your contact information along with details of the problem. We monitor this number and we will have someone return your call ASAP. If you do not receive a call in 15 minutes; or, timing is truly more critical, please contact the front desk during working hours and Mary, our receptionist, will assist you in finding a solution.

What if I need new hardware or software?

Discuss the tools that you would need to do your job effectively and efficiently with your supervisor. If your supervisor concurs, your supervisor will put in the IT request.

What can I expect as service hours during the day?

Helpdesk hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We endeavor to monitor the phone number 206-368-6214 after hours as discussed above.

What can I expect when I submit an IT request?

When you submit an IT request on the intranet or through email, you will be notified when:

Our goal is to resolve your issue in a timely manner. Our new help desk will greatly facilitate both the timeliness of your service and will provide documentation that will assist in properly maintaining our equipment in the future.

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